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ProMiles e-Routing for Truckers

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Use ProMiles e-Routing for Trucks to provide precise truck routing and directions for your Web users. Don't use the car miles readily available on the Web to route trucks! ProMiles e-Routing for Trucks takes into account bridge heights and restricted roads to insure the routes truckers get are the ones they can take. ProMiles e-Routing for Trucks come with the following features:


  • Generate precise routes using ProMiles extensive database of locations
  • Can custom GeoCode locations in your database so that users can easily route to and from your locations
  • Bridge height and restricted road checking
  • Toll and border crossing avoidance abilities
  • Truck practical and truck shortest routing methods
  • Mile and Kilometer routing
  • Combine with e-Mileages for Truckers for a complete trucking application for your Website!
  • Application hosted at your site or ours! We can take car of all administration and maintenance duties.
  • Web design and integration services

Setup and Licensing
ProMiles has several flexible setup, pricing, and licensing options that allow you to buy just those features that you need. Lets talk and design a custom solution for you! 1-800-324-8588

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